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Type: Agri Wheel Loader
Weight: 1.5ton
Condition: New

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1.  Well-known stage III High-pressure Common-rail Engine is adopted for strong power ,energy conservation and green initiative and so on . Optimized power match provides 10% fuel savings.

2. Anti-rolling cab with a panoramic view of luxury framing design; enlarged cab space, 360°panoramic glass and front & rear cooling vents which contributes to all-around clear visibility and comfortable driving.

3.  By using of high quality material, plasma cutting and robot welding as well as box-type structure design, the strength of the whole loader is greatly enhanced. With finite element analysis and optimized structure, the machine is more reliable.

4. Articulated structure of the wheel loader layout is optimized, therefore improving the throughput capacity and stability of the loader.

5. Hydraulic system optimally designed which make the total cycle time 2 seconds faster than the industry and as a result more flexible operation. Single joystick adopted for more flexible and convenient operation, which decrease the operating force by 10N.

6.  High quality oil-circuit adopted for 24 ° cone seal design. Which can effectively prevent oil leakage and increase the reliability and durability.

7.  Drive system: strict power matching optimization ensures a strong power output, while reserving a sufficient reserve power. Large capacity torque converter equipped for sufficient power. Well-known reinforced axle and transmission equipped. Gear shafts of axle & transmission are all heat-treated which significantly improve the reliability and durability.

8.  Enlarged radiator adopted for superior dissipation performance. Which ensures that the loader can endure 45°high temperature and therefore enhances the reliability of the loader working in high temperature areas.

9.  Fuel tank enlarged. Therefore increases continuous working ability of the loader.

10. Various attachments applied to meet all kinds of work conditions.



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