Price: R 440 000 excl
Type: 3 stage – 4.5m
Weight: 3.5ton
Condition: New


1. Steering bridge specially designed for off-road vehicles. The swing angle can reach 10 °, which is suitable for wild dirt in rough conditions and rough roads.
2. For the muddy conditions in the wild, equipped with a differential lock gearbox. When one of the drive wheels sinks in the mud and starts to slip, the left and right axles of the drive axle are connected to form a rigid body, which realizes self-locking and reallocates the torque of the drive wheels to climb Out of the mud. After climbing out of the mud pool, the self-locking function is unlocked to achieve normal driving.
3. off-road conditions, uneven road surface, many obstacles in the road. The general ground clearance of forklifts is too low to work properly. The door frame and frame of the vehicle have a large ground clearance, and the departure angle of the rear of the vehicle reaches more than 30 °, which improves the vehicle’s passability and cannot be reached by ordinary forklifts.
4. This car’s driving tires use deep-pattern, large-width off-road tires, which can have good grip, slip resistance, and stability under muddy conditions at construction sites, farms, and other roads.
5. The forklift door frame adopts a widened design and has a good field of vision when used. Wide field of view mast improves work efficiency. The off-road vehicle has bad working conditions and large impact, so we have strengthened the design of the mast.
6. The whole vehicle frame adopts an integrated design, high strength, suitable for off-road forklift industry and mine, and has good torsion resistance.
7. The drive axle adopts cast steel structure, which is different from general ductile iron materials for forklifts, and has high strength and reliability.
8. This vehicle can match a variety of engines, such as domestically produced diesel, new diesel, Yunai, imported Japanese Yanmar, Isuzu engines, etc., with strong power and large torque, it is easy to handle forklifts.



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Pneumatic Tyres




2007, NEW